The Central Texas Regional Transportation Advisory Group (CTRTAG) functions as the Steering Committee to develop, update and approve regionally coordinated transportation planning documents, while providing Central Texas Council of Governments (CTCOG) staff with guidance and transportation related information.

The Regionally Coordinated Transportation Plan (RCTP) is a planning document intended to promote the most efficient use of regional transportation resources. Transit agencies receiving federal dollars are required to develop this Plan and update it every 5 years in accordance with guidelines provided by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to ensure the Plan complies with state legislation relating to Statewide Coordination of Public Transportation. CTCOG partners with Hill Country Transit District (HCTD), the only regional public transit system, to update the RCTP for State Planning Region 23. In addition, CTCOG contracted with consultant Kimley-Horn to develop, administer, compile and analyze a comprehensive needs assessment survey to evaluate public transportation inefficiencies and service gaps; conduct county hearings to gather public comment on Plan draft documents including vision and mission statements, goals and objectives, barriers and constraints and identification of opportunities; and compile all information and updates into the final RCTP Plan.   The counties covered by this plan include the seven counties in the CTCOG region—Bell, Coryell, Hamilton, Lampasas, Milam, Mills, and San Saba—plus Llano and Mason Counties. The Update to the 2022-26 Plan was recently completed and available for viewing below.

For more information on Hill Country Transit District (HCTD) and its nine county public transit system, The HOP, click here .

Download the 2022-26 Regional Coordinated Transportation Plan (last revision date 02.10.2022).

Planning Region 23

Planning Region 23 Map

CTRTAG Meetings The Central Texas Regional Transportation Advisory Group typically meets quarterly or as needed.  CTRTAG is committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Reasonable accommodations and equal opportunity for effective communications will be provided upon request. Please contact Central Texas Council of Governments staff at 254-770-2200 at least 24 hours in advance if accommodation is needed. Advanced public notice is always provided and attendance and public comment is welcomed.

FY2017 Meetings

Agenda November 14, 2016 Minutes November 14, 2016  Meeting Packet November 14, 2016

Agenda December 13, 2016 Minutes December 13, 2016 Meeting Packet December 13, 2016

Agenda January 10, 2017 Minutes January 10, 2017  Meeting Packet January 10, 2017

Agenda February 2, 2017 Minutes February 2, 2017 Meeting Packet February 2, 2017

Agenda May 16, 2017 Meeting Packet May 16, 2017

Agenda August 15, 2017 Meeting Packet August 15, 2017

FY2017 Quarterly Reports

FY17 1st and 2nd Quarter Report

FY17 3rd Quarter Report

FY2016 Meetings

Agenda October 6, 2015 Minutes October 6, 2015 Meeting Packet October 6, 2015

Agenda November 17, 2015 Minutes November 17, 2015 Meeting Packet November 17, 2015

Agenda February 18, 2016 Minutes February 18, 2016 Meeting Packet February 18, 2016

Agenda April 27, 2016 Minutes April 27, 2016

Agenda August 10, 2016 Minutes August 10, 2016 Meeting Packet August 10, 2016

FY2016 Quarterly Reports

FY16 1st Quarter Report

FY16 3rd Quarter Report

FY16 4th Quarter Report

CTRTAG MEMBERSHIP Bylaws established by the Central Texas Regional Transportation Advisory Group limit membership to 15 voting members representing various organizations within the Central Texas Council of Governments area that have an interest in the regional transportation network.  These organizations include transportation providers, transit users, health and human services agencies, medical facilities, workforce centers, municipalities and other government agencies.  New members may be added at any time as needed; voting members are limited to two individuals from the same stakeholder group to ensure a broad mix of interests.  Click here to view list of current members.  Contact CTCOG staff if you are interested in becoming a member.

Kendra Coufal
Senior Planner

Phone: (254) 770-2363

Fax: (254) 770-2360

Sydnee Steelman
Regional Planner

Phone: (254) 770-2379

Fax: (254) 770-2360