Regional Maps

The Central Texas Council of Governments uses GIS to support emergency response, economic development, and project planning throughout the seven county region. The GIS program is also tasked with development of solutions for member entities involving GIS and various forms of technology.

Interactive Online Maps

The CTCOG Regional Map shows boundaries, roads, and Census data throughout our region.

KTMPO Annual Projects Map

JLUS Private Web Map

JLUS Public Map

Our maps and GIS datasets are provided by CTCOG for informational purposes only and no guarantee of accuracy or completeness is intended or implied. The data is provided “as is”, and may be subject to updates and/or refinement. The data may not be suitable for legal, surveying, or engineering purposes.

GIS & Mapping Staff

GIS Analyst
Tanja Broom

Office: (254) 770-2420

GIS Manager
Jesse Cathell

Phone: (254) 770-2377

GIS Analyst II
Seth Speer

Office: (254) 770-2362