Central Texas is experiencing rapid growth along with the rest of the State. To ensure the growth is properly planned and managed, CTCOG’s Planning and Regional Services offers various programs to our Central Texas communities. These programs include transportation planning and regional coordination, environmental programs to conserve our natural resources, protect air quality and develop flood protection for Nolan Creek, support of our region’s economic development, and technical support. These programs help to make Central Texas an amazing place to live, work, and play.

COVID-19 Update: The CTCOG building will be closed to foot traffic, but will remain open for business. Should there be any questions please call (254) 770-2200.

Planning & Regional Services

Regional Maps

Geographic data, analysis and custom mapping.

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Economic Development

To better advance our regional economy.

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Regional Transportation

Rural and Urban Transportation Planning

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Resource Conservation

Waste reduction and pollution prevention.

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Water Quality

CTCOG Water Quality Action and Outreach Plan.

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Planning & Regional Services Staff

9-1-1 PSAP Coordinator
Becky Cooley

Office: (254) 770-2378
Email: rebecca.cooley@ctcog.org

Emergency Services Operations Coordinator
Helen Hill Yancey

Office: (254) 770-2372
Email: helen.hill@ctcog.org

Regional Planner
Helen Owens

Office: (254) 770-2364
Email: helen.owens@ctcog.org

Regional Planner
James McGill

Office: (254) 770-2366
Email: james.mcgill@ctcog.org

GIS Supervisor
Jesse Cathell

Phone: (254) 770-2377
Email: jesse.cathell@ctcog.org

Emergency Services Program Manager
Jesse Hennage

Office: (254) 770-2365
Email: jesse.hennage@ctcog.org

Emergency Services Training Specialist
Judy Shumate

Office: 254-770-2367
Email: judy.shumate@ctcog.org

Division Office Manager
Jwana Sartor

Phone: (254) 770-2374
Email: jwana.sartor@ctcog.org

Planning Services Manager
Kendra Coufal

Office: (254) 770-2363
Email: kendra.coufal@ctcog.org

9-1-1 Addressing Coordinator
Tanja Broom

Office: 254-770-2420
Email: tanja.broom@ctcog.org

Planning & Regional Services Director
Uryan Nelson

Phone: 254-770-2373
Email: uryan.nelson@ctcog.org

GIS Special Projects Tech

Office: (254) 770-