Housing Assistance

Housing Division Director
Carmen Lim

Phone: (254) 770-2301
Email: carmen.lim@ctcog.org

Assistant Director
Richard Riley

Phone: (254) 770-2301
Email: richard.riley@ctcog.org

Housing Accounting Technician
Hazel Jackson

Phone: (254) 770-2311
Email: hazel.jackson@ctcog.org

Case Manager
Darlene Aguilar

Phone: (254) 770-2319
Email: darlene.aguilar@ctcog.org

Special Programs Housing Case Manager
Kathi Wagner

Phone: (254) 770-2313
Email: katherine.wagner@ctcog.org

Case Manager
Shi Miller

Phone: 254-770-2421
Email: shi.miller@ctcog.org

Case Manager
Jakob Hennage

Phone: 254-770-2325
Email: jakob.hennage@ctcog.org

Case Manager
Tameka Washington

Phone: 254-770-2422
Email: tameka.washington@ctcog.org

Case Manager
Shawanna Franklin

Phone: 254-770-2317
Email: shawanna.franklin@ctcog.org

Housing Inspector
Brandon Lamar

Phone: (254) 770-2301
Email: brandon.lamar@ctcog.org

Housing Inspector
Caleb Morin

Phone: 254-770-2307
Email: caleb.morin@ctcog.org

Housing Inspector
Joaquin Perez

Phone: 254-770-2332
Email: joaquin.perez@ctcog.org

Intake Specialist
Intake Specialist

Phone: (254) 770-2422
Email: intake@ctcog.org

Portability / Intake Specialist
Shawna Brown

Phone: (254) 770-2301
Email: portability@ctcog.org

Intake Specialist
Chasity Nelson

Phone: 254-770-2425
Email: intake@ctcog.org

Portability (Absorbing)

Phone: (254) 770-2301
Fax: (254) 770-2329
Email: portability@ctcog.org
Mailing Address:
Housing Division
Attention: Portability
P.O. Box 729
Belton Texas 76513

Housing Receptionist

Phone: 254-770-2301
Email: housing.receptionist@ctcog.org

Public Safety

GIS Analyst II
Seth Speer

Office: (254) 770-2362
Email: seth.speer@ctcog.org

GIS Manager
Jesse Cathell

Phone: (254) 770-2377
Email: jesse.cathell@ctcog.org

Assistant Director of Planning/Public Safety
Jesse Hennage

Office: (254) 770-2365
Email: jesse.hennage@ctcog.org

9-1-1 PSAP Coordinator
Becky Cooley

Office: (254) 770-2378
Email: becky.cooley@ctcog.org

Public Safety Manager
Helen Hill Yancey

Office: (254) 770-2372
Email: helen.hill@ctcog.org

GIS Analyst
Tanja Broom

Office: (254) 770-2420
Email: tanja.broom@ctcog.org

Special Projects Coordinator
Anna Barge

Cell: (254) 346-0308
Email: anna.barge@ctcog.org

Public Safety Training Coordinator
Sunshine Martinez

Office: (254) 770-2367
Email: Sunshine.Martinez@ctcog.org

Addressing Coordinator
Jennifer Seastrunk

Office: (254) 770-2375
Email: jennifer.seastrunk@ctcog.org

Planning & Regional Services

Planning & Regional Services Director
Uryan Nelson

Phone: 254-770-2373
Email: uryan.nelson@ctcog.org

Division Office Manager
Jwana Sartor

Phone: (254) 770-2374
Email: jwana.sartor@ctcog.org

GIS Manager
Jesse Cathell

Phone: (254) 770-2377
Email: jesse.cathell@ctcog.org

Planning Manager
James McGill

Office: (254) 770-2366
Email: james.mcgill@ctcog.org

Planner I
Anita Janke

Office: (254) 770-2364
Email: anita.janke@ctcog.org

Economic Development Planner
Dominic Elizondo

Office: (254) 770-2379
Email: dominic.elizondo@ctcog.org

GIS Technician
Tane’ya Floyd

Office: (254) 770-2387
Email: tane’ya.floyd@ctcog.org

Planner I
Callie Tullos

Office: (254) 770-2376
Email: callie.tullos@ctcog.org

Area Agency on Aging of Central Texas

Area Agency on Aging Director
George Losoya

Phone: 254-770-2344
Email: george.losoya@ctcog.org

Area Agency on Aging Assistant Director
Sue Farrell

Office: (254) 770-2341
Email: sue.farrell@ctcog.org