The HOP Receives Four New Fixed-Route Buses

Hill Country Transit District (HCTD), operator of The HOP, received 4 new fixed-route buses to replace buses that have far exceeded their expected 10-year life. KTMPO provided financial assistance through allocation of part of the Category 7 funds made available to KTMPO for transportation projects. These new buses, E-Z RIDER II models, were manufactured by El Dorado National in Riverside, CA and while built on a basic design model, bear many features specified by The HOP to ensure the buses best meet the needs for public transit in central Texas.

New Fixed-Route Bus

New Fixed-Route Bus

Each bus has the following characteristics:

  • 35 feet in length and 102 inches wide
  • Seats 35 passengers and accommodates up to an additional 17 passengers as “standees”
  • 2 wide doors for easy access
  • Rear door has an accessible ramp by which up to 2 people in mobility devices may board and ride in specially designed areas that meet ADA regulations
  • Roof-mounted air conditioners with a special “hot weather” package specifically designed to help The HOP passengers stay as cool as possible in our hot Texas summers
  • Bicycle racks capable of storing 2 bicycles at a time
  • Mobile Data Terminals for proper ridership and data collection
  • Powered by Cummins engine fueled by ULSD
  • Allison transmission

Each bus has a life expectancy of 12 years and/or 500,000 miles, which means these buses are expected to be in service into the year 2027. In addition to KTMPO, HCTD receives funding from the Federal Transit Administration, TxDOT, and entities within the service area.  The purchase price for each bus is approximately $396,000.

For more information, contact Robert Ator, Director of Urban Operations, Hill Country Transit District, The HOP, .

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