The Texas Demographic Center projects continued growth for Central Texas. Our region has experienced significant population growth in Bell, Coryell, and Lampasas Counties, adding approximately 26,719 people between 2010 and 2016. Population projections for 2045 show that the region is likely to continue growing over the next twenty to thirty years, and could reach over 700,000 people.

Regional Population

2010 Population – 449,641

Bell County – 310,235
Coryell County – 75,388
Milam County – 24,757
Lampasas County – 19,677
Hamilton County – 8,517
San Saba County – 6,131
Mills County – 4,936

Source – 2010 Decennial Census

County Population Distribution Pie Chart

Source – 2010 Decennial Census

Population Projection Bar Graph

Source – Texas Demographic Center

Employment By Industry
Employment by Industry Bar Graph
Projected Employment 2024 Bar Graph
Occupations, Wages, and Growth

Occupations were ranked by analyzing three factors: number employed, five-year growth, and average annual wages. The top 20 occupations, as ranked, are shown here. Note that not all industries are represented – this is a snapshot of the most numerous, growing, and well-paid occupations from a list of 460 SOC job fields, grouped by industry, across the Killeen-Temple MSA. See the Bureau of Labor Statistics for a complete explanation of the Standardized Occupation Codes (SOC).

Occupations and Wages Chart
Occupations 2017 Chart


Education across the region – adults 25 to 64:

28.5% have earned their High School diploma.
29.9% have completed some college.
10.6% have earned an Associate’s Degree
14.4% have earned a Bachelor’s Degree.
6.8% have completed some level of postgraduate degree.

The following institutions of higher education are located in Central Texas:

Texas A&M Central Texas
University of Mary Hardin Baylor
Central Texas College
Temple College

Income and Households
Household Income Chart
Regional Summary - Download

This one-page summary contains city, county, and state populations, age, veterans, disability, household income, educational attainment, and projected population growth.

Regional Demographic Profile

Source: 2010 Decennial Census, 2015 American Community Survey, Texas Demographic Center

2015 Population

2015 Population – 465,766

Bell County – 326,041
Coryell County – 76,128
Hamilton County – 8,266
Lampasas County – 20,219
Milam County – 24,344
Mills County – 4,875
San Saba County – 5,893

Source – 2015 American Community Survey

Race and Ethnicity
Race and Ethnicity Percentage Chart