9-1-1 Address and Phone Number Verification

Heads-up from our 9-1911_keypad-1 addressing program:

CTCOG staff will be calling individuals throughout the CTCOG region to verify over 800 individual phone numbers and addresses that have errors or are missing information in the database. Without the correct information, emergency responders may have a difficult time finding you in an emergency.

CTCOG staff will be calling numbers and requesting the following information:

  • verify the phone number and customer name
  • verify the 9-1-1 address associated with that phone number

If you are called, you will be given a CTCOG staff person’s name and number to contact, if you have further questions. Your information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

You may see one of these numbers on your caller ID; that lets you know it is a legitimate call and not a scam:

  • 254-770-2378
  • 254-770-2362
  • 254-770-2375

If you wish to call us back, dial 1-888-889-1910 to avoid any long distance charges.

Remember: It is very important for you to post your address at the entrance to your property, where it is clearly visible from the road at night. If the pizza delivery driver can’t get to your house, how is the ambulance going to find you when seconds count?