Handling Despondent or Suicidal Callers #5307-15.90

Handling Despondent or Suicidal Callers #5307-15.90
  • Belton TX
     September 5, 2024
     8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Event Phone: 254-770-2367

The call-taker will be guided through communication with various types of despondent callers, including adults, youth, and the elderly in crisis. Establish an understanding of suicidal erosion, warning signs of suicidal ideology, and the PLAID PALS clinical assessment tool. Go in-depth into active listening skills to establish a rapport and earn the caller’s trust, as well as verbal containment techniques. Unique suicidal methods will also be addressed, including chemical suicide and suicide by cop.

Class taught by Tracy Ertl with HeroLight.

TCOLE credits will be reported by CTCOG.

Current Registrants:

  • Amanda Thomspson
  • Christene Posey
  • Crystal Collins
  • Taylor Baker
  • Wendy Smitherman
  • Jesse Esparza
  • Roberta McCarter
  • Melissa Erexson
  • Kendall Scott
  • Phyllis Shaffer
  • Shanise Bowman
  • Hunter Jaynes
  • Polly Paton
  • Brenden Mcafee
  • Nicole Sanders
  • Catherine Carter
  • Peggy McCauley
  • Cindy Lahey
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