The Central Texas Council of Governments received a grant through the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) to develop an early warning system/local flood response plan and /or flood protection plan for Nolan Creek. Stakeholders included in this study include the City of Belton, City of Harker Heights, City of Killeen, City of Nolanville, Brazos River Authority, Bell County Water Control & Improvement District (WCID) #6 and TWDB. The Nolan Creek Flood Protection Study started in February 2017 and will conclude in August 2019.

Nolan Creek Flood Protection Planning Study Schedule (updated Jan. 2018)

Nolan Creek Flood Protection Planning Study Project Map

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Use the Interactive Flood Mapping Tool to document locations of flood damage, high water marks, and other data. The Flood Map User’s Guide will help get you started.

Project Scope

The Nolan Creek Flood Protection Planning Study will include the following tasks:

  1. Collect and Review Baseline Information
  2. Development of a Base Map
  3. Assessment of Environmental Constraints
  4. Identification of Flood Early Warning System Improvements
  5. Identification of Flood Response Implementation Strategies
  6. Initial Identification of Flood Problem Areas
  7. Perform Field Survey
  8. Develop Hydrological Model
  9. Develop Hydraulic Model
  10. Final Identification of Flood Problem Areas, Establishment of Flood Protection Criteria and Evaluation of Flood Mitigation Alternatives
  11. Perform Hydrologic/Hydraulic Analyses of Flood Mitigation Alternatives
  12. Develop Benefit/Cost Analysis of Flood Mitigation Alternatives
  13. Prepare Implementation and Phasing Plan
  14. Prepare Final Report

How does the Nolan Creek Flood Protection Study relate to other plans?

The Nolan Creek Flood Protection Planning Study will present data and findings useful to other regional plans and studies. These plans may include but not limited to the Bell County and CTCOG Hazard Mitigation Action Plan, the Nolan Creek Watershed Protection Plan and the KTMPO Regional Thoroughfare and Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan. The study will provide valuable insight, data and possible flooding mitigation measures for the Nolan Creek Watershed which can be used in the development of these plans as well as future regional plans.

Public Meetings

This study will include four public meetings held throughout the study timeframe. Listed below are the tentative dates and topics for the meetings.

The initial round of meetings took place in September 2017:

  • Central Texas Council of Governments
  • Harker Heights Activities Center
  • Killeen Civic & Conference Center

Upcoming meetings:

May 2018– Presentation of Updated Existing Conditions Modeling & Mapping Results, solicit input from public.

October 2018-Presentation of Draft Flood Reduction Alternatives, Flood Early Warning Results, and Flood Implementation Strategy Results.

February 2019– Presentation of Final Project Results.