UpcomingTactical Hostage Rescue #

<span class="ee-status event-active-status-DTU">Upcoming</span>Tactical Hostage Rescue #
  • October 12, 2020 - October 16, 2020
    8:00 am - 6:00 pm


1501 E. Ave. A, Belton, Texas, 76513, United States


Belton Police Shooting Range, 1501 E. Ave A, Belton, TX 76513

Event Phone: 254-770-2367

Overview/Description: This course is 60 hours of intense training. 

It is intended for law enforcement, military or security personnel that will participate in the assault phase of a hostage rescue mission.  It is designed with an emphasis on practical “hands-on” application. Classroom instruction is kept to a minimum. The student will be exposed to an in-depth view of tactical concepts, strategies, and team and individual tactics that apply to the successful resolution of a hostage situation.

Student Prerequisites: It is recommended, but not mandatory, that students have some type of tactical (SWAT) background, training or interest.

Equipment List: www.cmeswat.com – Courses – Equipment List – Scroll Down. (no live ammo required)

Training References: www.cmeswat.com, select About Us, Scroll down to Agency List. Pick and contact any of the

agencies on this list.

Course of study will include, but is not limited to:

History of hostages

Lessons learned – Three case studies

Hostage Rescue Research Projects (3)

Future Considerations

Operations planning – Four Tactical Planning Scenarios

Clearing techniques – Individual, Element and Team (six techniques)

Techniques for a hostage rescue Large Building

Techniques for a hostage rescue Residence

Techniques for a hostage rescue Multi Passenger

Vehicle – Three techniques

Techniques for a hostage rescue Multi Passenger/Bus

Special situations: Irish Hostage Taker – 4 techniques

Down Officer (inside the house) Recovery 3 techniques

Psychological Effects of a Hostage Rescue

This class is taught by Mike Witzgall.  The son of a career military officer, Mike spent 12 years on active duty as a noncommissioned and commissioned officer (mostly carrying a rifle, rubber boat, and dive equipment running up and down the beaches of sunny California). While in the military, Mike served in the Marine Corps elite Force Reconnaissance teams and then later as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Infantry and Military Police Corps. In 1988, after numerous deployments around the world, Mike left the military as a Captain and joined the Dallas Police Department. During his tenure with Dallas, Mike earned 48 written commendations, 2 lifesaving awards, 1 police commendation bar (for valor), 2 Certificates of Merit (for valor) and the Medal for Valor (43rd Recipient). Mike served as a patrolman in south Dallas and as a member of a Tactical team (SWAT). Published in his field, Mike has written numerous articles for law enforcement magazines and has published eight tactical training manuals. Mikes career with Dallas ended after a severe line of duty injury forced him into early retirement. This injury eventually led the amputation of his left leg above the knee. Currently, Mike is co-owner of Charlie-Mike Enterprises, Inc. Charlie-Mike Enterprises, Inc. specializes in teaching courses such as, but not limited to; Hazardous Warrant / Apprehensions, Basic and Advanced SWAT, Basic and Advanced Police Rifle, Hostage Rescue, and Counter Paramilitary Operations. Through Charlie-Mike Enterprises, Inc. Mike has also been contracted as a consultant to review and assist in upgrading security at Independent School Districts and private corporations. Since its inception in 1998, Charlie-Mike Enterprises, Inc. has taught over 1750 officers from as many as 300 different agencies.

In addition to teaching SWAT, Mike is a specialist in underwater salvage and recovery operations of small to medium-large size water craft. Several of these “recoveries” have led to insurance investigations and the conviction of the claimants for arson and fraud. Through hard work and dedication (and with his wife Shelly always at his side) Mike has earned a reputation as an expert in Underwater Crime Scene Reconstruction, Evidence Preservation and Watercraft Recoveries.


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