New Detective School #3296

New Detective School #3296
  • Temple TX
     December 11, 2023 - December 14, 2023
     8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Event Phone: 512-766-0659

Texas Police Trainers LLC

In Partnership with Reyes Consulting LLC

Topics covered:
1. Brady & Morton Act CCP 39.14
2. Obtaining Spanish to English statements
3. Eyewitness Identification (photo lineup) with video presentation by each student
4. Search/Arrest warrants CCP 18.01
5. Miranda Warnings Statements CCP38.22
6. Cold Cases Investigations
7. Homicide Investigations
8. Interview & Interrogations
9. Polygraph Usage
10. Crime Scene Investigations, students will do hands on in finding/collecting/packaging physical evidence plus lab on casting, Mikrosil, Magnetic Powders, photographs, etc.
DNA for Detectives
11. Case Management
12. Court Procedures
13. Operational Plan
14. Digital Forensics

Who should attend: Texas Peace Officers only
Instructor: Manny Reyes: A  Retired Fort Worth Police Officer with 33 years in law enforcement and has been instructing since 1985.
Host Agency: Temple Police Department & Temple College
Training Location: Temple College, 2600 S 1st Street Temple, Texas 76501, Building 14 Classroom #3460 (Park in the north parking lot)
Length of course: 32 hours
Cost per attendee: $175.00

Attendees will need to bring to class: USB Flash Drive 16 GB, Digital Camera (optional) but highly recommended with video capabilities, and Notebook/Laptop. All PowerPoints and handouts materials will be on a USB Flash Drive for the students to download.

To register, click here, go to or give us a call at 512-766-0659 to pay
by phone or to receive an invoice via email.

Hotel Registration: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Temple – Medical Center Area, 2609 South 39th Street, Temple, Texas 76504. To receive our Corporate Discount, make your reservation through Texas Police Trainers at 512-766-0659.

Report TCOLE hours by Temple Police Department 


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2600 S 1st Street Temple, Temple, Texas, 76501